Attire & Packing List

Our expectation is that this event will be semi-formal. Another way to describe would be as a “happy medium between Seattle casual and wedding formal”. To illustrate: the groomsmen will NOT be wearing matching tuxedos, the bridesmaids will NOT be wearing matching dresses.

Men should feel comfortable wearing a nice button-up, slacks and a tie. If you really don’t want to do the tie, you don’t have to. Women should feel comfortable wearing a nice summer dress. Please note: the wedding is on GRASS, so wear appropriate footwear.

Packing: Don’t Forget These Important Items!

It’s easy enough to forget certain things when you’re setting off for a trip. Plus, there are a few curveballs that Lopez brings with it. We recommend bringing the following items with you to the ferry:
  • Printed directions to where you’re staying (cell service on Lopez is spotty!)
  • Phone numbers for contacting us on Lopez
  • Light jacket (it gets chilly at night—about 50 Fahrenheit)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen