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Getting There

Getting to the ferry:

You will travel to Lopez Island on a ferry from the ferry terminal in Anacortes, WA. Anacortes is 85 miles northwest of Seattle. The drive from Seattle usually takes a little over 1.5 hours. The following link is to a Google map with directions from Seattle to the ferry terminal:

Anacortes Ferry Terminal

There are a limited number of sailing times each day. Please check the sailing schedule from Anacortes to Lopez Island so you can plan your travel time. During the summer, the Lopez Ferry is very busy. If you're planning to drive on, you should be at the ferry terminal about 2 hours ahead of departure. The wait can be annoying, but the ferry terminal is a pleasant place to hang out. Restrooms, food, and a nice beach are all available. If you miss your planned ferry, you'll have to wait a few hours for the next boat. Get there early!

On Saturday morning, here are the ferry options:
  • 6:15 am Lopez Only
  • 9:35 am Lopez Only
  • 12:35pm Lopez and Orcas (Note: it will be hardest to drive onto this ferry)
Plan to leave Seattle at least 4 hours prior to your ferry's departure. The ferry ride is about 45 minutes. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the venue once you're on the island.

Other options:

"Walking on" to the Ferry

Being a walk-on passenger is a great idea. You don't have to wait in any lines, so you only need to get to the ferry terminal about 30 minutes before your departure. You can park your car at the Anacortes ferry terminal for a daily fee. Please fill out the Google doc located on the home page for the ferry you place to take so we can best coordinate accommodation.


Biking On

This is a great option if your car has a bike rack. You can leave your car at the ferry terminal and bike onto the ferry. Like walking on, you only need to get to the terminal about 30 minutes before your departure. With all the people coming, it shouldn't be hard to find a car to put extra bags into. Give yourself about 1 hour to bike to the venue from the ferry terminal.

Shuttle from SeaTac Airport

There is a shuttle service from SeaTac airport to the Anacortes ferry terminal. Below is a link for more information on this option.



Seaplane from South Lake Union, Seattle

Taking Kenmore Air from SLU is a fun option. Sam and I took it up to attend a wedding on Lopez two years ago.