UPDATE! In Case of RAIN:

So, there's a slight chance of rain tomorrow up on Lopez (some sources say 10% chance, others say 0%). We don't expect that we'll have to use the rain location, but we do have one! If there's RAIN, we'll have someone waiting for you on the corner of Skid Road and Burt Road to indicate that you should go to the rain location instead. Otherwise, there will just be signs directing you to the ceremony/parking at 50 Wildwood Lane.

The rain location is Woodmen Hall, which is just past the center of town if you're coming from the ferry. There isn't an exact street address listed for it, but this Google Maps address should get you there:

Hey everyone!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all up on Lopez. Once again, we’re very excited that you’re taking the time to share this experience with us! We're closing in on the event, so here are some important details to note:

Cell Service on Lopez

Service on Lopez is generally bad. Expect that you won’t be able to make calls or use mobile internet. This means you should have important information (such as travel directions) collected somewhere “offline” (a printout works great).

This also means that it will be difficult to reach us via our normal cell numbers that you know and love. Instead, we recommend calling us at the landline for Marisa’s dad’s house on Lopez, which is 360-468-4491.

Ride Sharing & Ferry Pickups/Dropoffs

We’ve created a Google Doc to help simplify rides. The doc has three separate sheets:

  1. Rides-to-Anacortes: This is for driving up to Anacortes from Seattle for the ferry. Drivers should sign up first and list their name, the time/day of their expected ferry, the number of total seats in their car, the area they're leaving from, as well as the names of any passengers that already have a spot in their car. Then, once this information is set, riders write in their names to sign up for empty spots in drivers’ cars.
  2. Pickups-at-Lopez-Ferry: This will help us plan shuttles for those of you who are walking on to the ferry. Only fill this out if you are walking on!
  3. Dropoffs-to-Lopez-Ferry: This will help us plan shuttles to get you back to the ferry (particularly if you walked on). Only fill this out if you don’t have a ride back to the Lopez ferry terminal!

Getting Back: Ferry Times & Car Quotas

If you’re driving on, you’ll want to make sure you can get on a ferry back (Saturday night after the ceremony or on Sunday). Here is a selection of ferry times back to Anacortes along with the number of cars they each take:
  • 7:15am - 120
  • 10:45am - 139
  • 2:40pm - 43
  • 3:05pm - 23 (Sunday only)
  • 6:15pm - 139
  • 7:35pm - 139
  • 11:20pm - 16